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Scotty Adventure Learning Book Series

Take your little ones on a magical learning journey warped in an exciting, action-adventure and fun story book bubbling with excitement, imagination and amazing facts with colorful illustrations and the lovable cartoon character named Scotty.

​Our children’s book range cater for all kids ages, from children who enjoy listening to bedtime stories and early learning to beginner and independent younger readers who can read short and simple stories.   Don’t’ forget to download our children’s activity worksheets and printable kid puzzles and A to Z coloring pages for toddlers. 


Early Learning Children Books

ABC Transport Children's Book

Alphabet and Word Learning
ABC Transport Kids Book ABC Learning Books for kids and Bedtime reading

This ABC children’s rhyming picture book is packed with colourful images wrapped in a fun rhyming introduction to interesting transport types like; Electric car, X-wing space ship to Zip wire.

This fun rhyming ABC's to transport intro is packed with over 130 colorful photographs to encourage early learning

ABC Rhyming Of Transport Book

Children Books For Ages 2-8

All Things Airplane Features, Airline parts with Children book on transport types

Not just an entertaining, exciting bedtime story

The concept is a fun educational experience with images and a quiz to encourage the child's alphabet and vocabulary learning.

A For Airplane

A to Z Transport Adventure Learning Series 1 of 26 (A-Z)
A For Airplane Transport Childrens Book.jpg

For budding pilots, first time little flyers to children learning new words, all wrapped in an engaging airplane story with lots of wildlife and things beginning with the letter A.

C for Crane

A to Z Transport Adventure Learning Series 3 of 26 (A-Z)
C Is For Crane Transport Book Kids.jpg

CLASH! BANG! As the large yellow crane lifting a clock onto a tower.  Scotty had an idea to use his toy crane to clean up his room.

E For Electric Car

A to Z Transport Adventure Learning Series 5 of 26 (A-Z)
E Is for Electric Car Transport Childrens Book.jpg

How did Grandad’s and his electric car help Ella the elephant get back to the circus? 

X For Z-wing Spaceship

A to Z Transport Adventure Learning Series 24 of 26 (A-Z)
X For X-Wing Spaceship Childrens Book.jpg

Whoosh! As Scotty zig-zagged his X-wing spaceship around the T-Rex as the giant dinosaur gave an almighty roar!

B For Bus

A to Z Transport Adventure Learning Series 2 of 26 (A-Z)
B Is For Bus Transport Childrens Book.jpg

BEEP! BEEP! Scotty is nervous on his first trip on the school bus.  On the way to school, Scotty spots lots of interesting animals and objects that begin with the letter B. . 

D For Digger

A to Z Transport Adventure Learning Series 4 of 26 (A-Z)
D Is For Digger Transport Book For Kids.jpg

Dig-A-Dig! Why do you think Dipper the digger was digging a big hole for?

Z for Zip Wire

A to Z Transport Adventure Learning Series 26 of 26 (A-Z)
Z For Zipwire Transport Childrens Book.jpg

Zzzzzoom-zzzap! How did Scotty help the zoo keeper and the animals?  

Kids Activity Books For All Ages

ABC Transport Activity Coloring Book

Alphabet & Word Learning With Coloring

This ABC coloring book is packed with transport doodles ready for your little one to color in and learn each of the A to Z transport types.