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Aeroplane children's book

A for Aeroplane Children's Book

A For Aeroplane Kindle Book Cover

Scotty Transport Adventure Learning Series 1 of 26 (A to Z)

For budding pilots, first time little flyers to children learning new words, all wrapped in an engaging airplane story.  


Fly with Scotty on this exciting word learning adventure and let your children's imagination soar. This children's airplane picture book is about Scotty, who loves playing with his toy aeroplane but was nervous to fly in a real aircraft.


Until one day, Scotty flew with Grandad in his bright yellow biplane. The flying adventure turned into an action-packed flight. Scotty spotted lots of wildlife and things beginning with the letter A.

Child reading Aeroplane children's book


ISBN: 978-1916466555

Soft cover Aeroplane children's book
Kindle version of the Aeroplane children's book


ISBN: 978-1916466524

Aeroplane Kindle book

This aeroplane book is not just a bedtime book for toddlers:


  • Photography images of wildlife and objects.

  • Memory quiz to enhance alphabet learning and vocabulary.

  • Free downloadable learning activities.

  • Photography images of different aircraft types.

  • Fun things to do on an aeroplane.

A must for little flyers on their first air travels and kids who love all about aeroplanes and airports.

Fasten your seat belt, ready for takeoff? Whoosh!

Page from the Aeroplane book

Why did the alligator balance an acorn on its nose?

Name an animal with antlers starting with the letter A?

A fun learning experience on aviation with beautiful educational illustrations encouraging little ones to engage directly with the aeroplane story and providing the opportunity to try out new words beginning with the letter A.

This kid's aeroplane book is great addition to your ABC bookshelf collection and a practical choice for the child's first plane trip or visiting the airport for the first time.

... and download your child's flying certificate award and fun free colouring and word puzzle pintables!

Flying certificate award


For budding pilots, first time little flyers to toddlers who love things that go!


Handy travel size with large print for easy read at bedtime 

Kindle eBook

Download to your smartphone or tablet, great for on the go!

A for Airplane Children's Book | US edition
Scotty Transport Adventure Learning Series 1 of 26 (A to Z)

Aeroplane children's ABC Square Book

Although American English and British English dialects follow similar rules, they also have some important differences in spelling, punctuation and word choice.   With certain words differ between the US and the UK, check out our US edition.

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