ABC Transport Children's Book
Alphabet and Word Learning

Created for our youngest Scotty Club fans

A fun rhyming intro to 26  transport types, packed with colorful images.

This ABC Transport Children’s Book has over 130 colorful photographs to encourage early learning simple and fun! The ABC transport book concept has lots of learning features.

A to Z Transport Adventure Learning

Alphabet Collection of Children's ABC Books

Not just an entertaining, exciting bedtime story

The concept is a fun educational experience with images and a quiz to encourage the child's alphabet and vocabulary learning.

A for Airplane Children's Book

The first book in the alphabet children's series

About a lovable character named Scotty who was too scared to fly in a real airplane, until one day...

Scotty flew with Grandpa in his bright yellow airplane.


The flying adventure turned into an action-packed flight. Scotty spotted lots of wildlife and things beginning with the letter A.

More alphabet books coming soon

First trip on a school bus and sees lots of wildlife beginning with B.

B for Bus

Scotty uses his toy crane to pickup objects beginning with C.

C for Crane

Dan the builder is busy digging a hole, what for?

D for Digger

Scotty takes ride in Grandpa's new electric car.

E for Electic Car

Scott saw a big red fire engine speeding to an emergency.

F for Fire Truck

Race day, go karts zoom around the race track, who will win?

G for Go Kart

Many more stories, we will let you know when they are published.

Sing a long to the ABC song featuring Scotty with his favorite transport types.

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